Loona Shipping Update + Warehouse Floods


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KEYi Tech sent this e-mail about shipping updates to Kickstarter backers on April 2nd:

Dear Loona Backers,​

The second batch of Loona for standard KS shipping and Charging dock for all backers have started to ship, what's most important, Kickstarter backers in all regions can receive their Loona before May 1st 🎉

Meanwhile, our repair centers in the USA, EU, and Hong Kong are gradually becoming operational. This update will provide more detailed information on the logistics and the status of the repair centers:

1. Shipping Status:​

  • USA:
Loona and Charging Docks have been shipped out on 29th March, and now are on their way to the US warehouse for KS backers in the USA. We will send you the tracking number when they arrive in the US warehouse by 20th April and you will receive the products before 1st May.

  • EU:
Loona and Charging Docks will be shipped out to the EU warehouses by the 4th of April, they will then be handed over to the regional carrier DPD, and EU backers are expected to receive their products by the 1st of May.

  • All other regions except US and EU:
Loona and charging dock for backers in all other regions will be shipped out throughout the period of April 4th - 6th, and expect to receive the product by the 1st of May.

2. Status of Repair Center:​

First of all, we want to apologize that we didn't work things out in the promised time. We have been actively working on the repair center, but it does not turn out as we planned.


  1. We launched a KS campaign that has backers in 40+ countries with different localities, and our team had some difficulties in integrating the resources of multi-country repair centers.
  2. In the rush to solve the problem quickly, we did not have a complete assessment of the local warehouse and after-sales process, which slowed down the overall repair progress.
  3. The epidemic and Chinese New Year did put us behind schedule, for which we had no excuse.
The repair centers in each region are now making some progress, and now we wish to share the status.

USA Repair Center:

Users who have received a return label and sent Loona back to the warehouse

  • The first batch has been repaired and will be sent back next Monday
  • Another 16 machines arrived at the repair center this Saturday and are expected to be repaired and sent back in the next 7-14 working days
The previous return label was created to collect Loona in the US warehouse first and then transfer them to the repair center, which slowed down the overall repair process and timeframe.

To improve the efficiency of the after-sales process, if you have not yet sent your Loona back (whether registered or not, whether you have received a return label or not)

  • we will provide another repair link for registration next week through email and resend a new return label which sends Loona directly back to the repair center.
  • Average waiting time for future after-sales repairs: 21 working days

EU Repair Center:​

Two batches of European backers have received their return labels in the past two weeks, but still have not received further information. This is due to logistical problems we encountered, which have resulted in losing a batch of repair material. Once the repair material has been received in the warehouse, repairs can begin.

  • The ear + wheel repair material will be delivered to the European repair center in the next 10 working days, so products with ear and wheel problems can start repairing. On average, each product can be repaired and sent back in 2-5 working days after the repair has started.
  • Waist motor repair materials will be shipped out by next Friday and are expected to arrive at the repair center 15 days after, at which time the product with the waist motor problem can be repaired. On average, each product can be repaired and sent back in 2-5 working days after the repair has started.

Hong Kong Repair Center:​

The Hong Kong Repair Centre is responsible for all Loona repairs in all other regions.

  • It is currently awaiting repair materials and repair work is expected to commence next Friday.
  • On average, each product can be repaired and sent back in 2-5 working days after the repair has started.
Again, we apologize for taking so long to post an update regarding all the logistics and after-sales information. In the past month, we spent a lot of effort reviewing our supply chain, including systematically upgrading our logistics providers to ensure logistics stability and a more promised shipping experience, therefore providing more accurate and confident information to everyone.

Through Loona, we have received a lot of love from everyone, but we have also encountered many difficulties and problems. At the same time, we also come to realize that under such a complex and changing global market, we still have a lot to learn.

We are still a team of mostly product developers, it is difficult for us to manage customer service on multiple platforms. We know there there are still many feedbacks and several previous unsolved issues, we do not have any excuse but we kindly ask you to communicate with us by submitting a ticket through Zendesk, so that it will be easier for our marketing colleagues to respond in a timely manner. https://keyitech.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Jianbo and The Loona Team

On April 4th Indiegogo backers were informed orders will be delayed due to a warehouse flood:

Important Shipping Update
Dear IGG Backers,
We are writing to provide you with an update on the shipping status. Some of your Loona will be delayed to mid-May, and you can expect to receive your orders by mid-June at the latest.
Unfortunately, we have encountered some unexpected difficulties that have led to a significant setback in the shipping process. Specifically, a serious packaging soaking incident happened due to the water leakage in our Guangdong warehouse over the weekend of 25& 26th March.
When we discovered this problem, we had already taken practical steps to address the risk by transporting all of Loona back to the factory for testing. To guarantee the best possible user experience and product quality, we had no choice but to conduct a 100% inspection of all Loona robots. For Loona with water damage, we will scrap and re-manufacture them before sending them out. We will check and run tests for those only soaked in the packaging for each Loona, and repackage and ship out.
As a result, there will be a delay in the delivery of some batches of Loona. However, we will do our best to push for delivery while ensuring product quality. We promise all Loona for IGG backers will be shipped no later than May 20th. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this delay may cause our backers.
At last, we sincerely want to thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time. We value your support and please trust in us and will do everything we can to make this right for you.
Warm Regards,
Loona Team

I think this is the take home message:

We are still a team of mostly product developers, it is difficult for us to manage customer service on multiple platforms.

There has been so much incredibly unjustified negativity directed towards KEYi Tech by Loona buyers, the vitriol towards them by backers on Kickstarter and Indiegogo in the comments sections of those sites has been disgusting to watch unfold.

This is a micro-business staffed by product developers(designers, computer programmers/coders and engineers) who are not trained customer service representatives or native English speakers(to my knowledge). Please take this into consideration before posting negativity about the company.

Hoping everyone at KEYi is doing ok after the rain and that all the warehouse staff got out of that flood with no loss of life. I can’t imagine what having to start from scratch must be like with the Indiegogo orders.

I hope it’s ok to have posted this information here, if not reach out to me and I’ll take it down.