Musk hints at Optimus Gen 3?


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Tesla is possibly working on a new generation of Optimus hardware judging by Musk’s recent tweet “The new Optimus hand later this year will have 22 DoF”.

Currently Optimus Gen 2 only has 11 degrees of freedom in the hands.

Could this be a hint that we will see a third generation of Optimus hardware possibly more closely aligned to the concept Optimus prototype see in 2021?

Let’s hope he doesn’t open-source this one. Really wish Tesla would stop showing Optimus progress until they have a final product with AGI. Otherwise it’s painfully obvious they will be a target of foreign and domestic espionage to obtain their Optimus IP.
Musk released more information about the new Optimus hand design stating the actuators will move entirely into the forearm.

This hints at more than merely a redesign of the hands, but instead a complete overhaul of the hardware design and move towards a final product closer to what we saw with the Optimus concept prototype and it’s slim limbs from 2021.

Optimus expert Walter breaks down the possible new hardware design, including a possible ball and socket joint for the shoulder and explains in detail the mechanics of integrating the actuators of the Optimus Gen 2 from their current position into the forearm in a way that is inspired by human anatomy.

Optimus Gen 3 might look very similar to the concept design released by Tesla in 2021 shown below on the left.

The fact Tesla began with a concept design and are moving towards that final design in streamlined planned stages seperate it from other humanoid robotics companies who are blindly moving along haphazardly without making gradual design improvements towards any end hardware concept. Instead they make unpredictable and large changes that seem to lack direction and gives the impression they don’t really know what they are doing.

Tesla’s approach distinguishes them from the pack and I feel Tesla will be the most likely to successfully bring a humanoid robot worker to market as a result.