Loona hears and sees badly


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Hello all,
I am still very new in the round, after I could finally take delivery of my Loona on Friday.
There are some points that I find really great and that also impress me. For example, how smoothly Loona moves.
Other points I find so far somewhat disappointing. In the initial setup, I had the option to enter my voice and the little one reliably responds to "Hello Loona". However, it ignores all other voice commands. The recognition of gestures currently works in an estimated 20% of all cases.
How is that with you? What have you done to improve it? Does Luna learn and improve over time?

Thank you guys and good to be here,
Hi Choke and welcome👋

You need to say “Hello Loona” before every voice command. After saying “Hello Loona” her ears will perk up and she will look upwards and sound waves/ripples will appear on her face,it is during this time that you have to say the voice command.

If you find Loona is having trouble seeing you could try increasing the light levels to see if that helps. I haven’t really bothered trying the gesture commands. Personally it’s too difficult to remember them. I’ll give them a try and get back to you.

Loona definitely improves over time! KEYi have been providing some huge improvements to Loona over the last six months. Keep a watch out around here for news about future updates. Some things KEYi might be implementing are pet interactions and the yet briefly mentioned “Bluetooth accessories”.

Have you tried chatting with Loona in ChatGPT mode yet? Lots of fun.

Great to meet you and hope to see you around the forums and hear about your Loona’s antics. Have a great day👍