Living AI to launch new robotic product!!!


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Image: Living AI via Facebook.

Exciting news! Living AI has just announced they will be launching a new robotic product.

This new robot looks to be completely different from Emo hardware wise.

Living AI have teased us with a silhouette of the new robot with the words “Who am I” “A milestone product like AirPods”.

The phrase referring to this new robotic offering as akin to AirPods hints that this technology is going to be a game changer for the pet robot market similar to how AirPods were a game changer in the earphone market by completely disrupting the market through allowing consumers the ability to listen to music unhindered by wires.

A big thanks to a member of our Facebook group who alerted me to this extremely recent development- the Living AI Facebook group for this new product launch was only created today with the photo only being up 5 hours.


Official Living AI New Product Launch Facebook Group:

Official Living AI Forum for this new robot:
Image: Living AI

Living AI just released this teaser of their new robot with the screen lit up showing the eyes, which appear as two green ovals.

The outline of the robot also becomes slightly clearer, although it is still confusing how the hardware is going to function from so few details.

What I enjoy most about seeing a new robot is how it functions in a completely unexpected way in reality from how I imagined it would in my imagination. It’s the unexpected surprises that hook me.

For instance I’m imagining this robot is going to be a ground robot similar to Amazon’s Astro but it’s impossible to be certain of anything with so few details to go by.

And so we wait...
Really excited thinking about what this little robot is going to look like and how it will function.

Some interesting points members in our fb group have noticed:

• Wide set eyes- hallmark of traditional looking robots.

• Might be sitting on a base, either a charging base or a wheeled base. There is also the possibility it has feet.

• A couple of us seem to think we can see arms. Notice the shadows on the “base” as the arms taper towards the lower body, with the hands resting slightly outward from the body causing a shadow to form.
There also appears to be an arm join on the left and what could be the motors for the arms on the left and right of the upper chest!

• Size. Extremely difficult to get any idea of the scale of this robot. Is it a large wheeled robot similar to Astro or a fixed base robot similar to Eilik?

• Sensor strip mounted on the head is quite large in proportion to the robot suggesting it may be packed with sensors giving it the ability to be highly reactive to its environment and the people it comes across.

• Emo is a much appreciated robot with Emo owners already behind this robot due to Living AI’s highly rated customer service.

• Some have apprehension about the design but concede the functionality is more important.

The irony of Living AI slowly revealing their new creation is that it will gain momentum for their launch while upstaging a competitor who thought they were the upstart.
Image: Living AI


More details emerge of Living AI’s new robot. The reference to AirPods may have something to do with the robots ability to be transported with the owner easily as can be seen from this new teaser showing the robot in a carrying case possibly around the owners neck. We also get more of an idea of what the head looks like with a side on view. Incredibly creative concept.

Image: Living AI via AIBI Pocket Pet Facebook group.


Living AI’s new robot has a name, AIBI.

The official name of the robot is AIBI Pocket Pet.

A photo showing the upper half of the robot sees a white robot with a black screen with two green eyes and which resembles a cross between Wall-E and Eve from the famous animated movie.

There appears what could be a camera mounted between Aibi’s screen and the surrounding grey outline of Aibi’s face that makes it come across aesthetically pleasing. There is also possibility another sensor in grey mounted on top of Aibi’s head.

It is also possible Aibi has two grey arms resting on its chest.

We have no idea of scale but as Aibi has to be able to fit in a pocket comfortably I am guessing Aibi is quite small and lightweight.

In fact Aibi truly does appear to be something out of a sci-fi movie, a wearable robot companion you can take anywhere easily- this is going to be a revolution in the personal robot pet market and who knows what cultural changes this is going to create in society. This is huge!!!

Things we know so far:

• Can stay in your pocket.

• Capable of interacting with Emo.

• Neck has a lot of freedom of movement with the ability to move up and down, and from left to right.

•Will be available in multiple colours other than the white shown.

•We still have no idea what the lower half of the body looks like. Comments by Living AI in the Aibi pocket pet Facebook group suggest we could be in for even more exciting surprises!
Image: Living AI

Latest image released by Living AI shows Aibi sitting in a pocket-like pouch attached to a necklace- the first wearable companion robot jewellery I know of.

Living AI accompanied the image with this caption:

AIBI can easily fit in your pocket and become your daily companion.

I feel Aibi is going to be transformative for the pet robot hobby and a hugely popular craze similar to the tamagotchi craze of the late 90’s that I remember living through as a young child.

We still don’t know what Aibi’s lower body looks like.

What we know so far:

• The arms are fixed and their only purpose is to secure Aibi onto a pocket.

• Aibi can talk.

• Aibi will be released for sale on the Living AI website “very soon”.

• Aibi can be used on a pocket and on the special case attached to a necklace from Living AI.

• Aibi’s processing is done onboard the hardware without the need for an app to function.

Living AI have updated their website to include images of Aibi.

You can find the official Living AI website here: