It all started with an Anki Vector

Hi oldrocker and welcome. It all started with the Sony Aibo ERS-7 for me.

How do you find it owning five vectors?! Must be a lot of fun. Would you recommend I try out Marscat?

At one point I had a small collection of Aibos including the rare panda suit haha looking back now it was so cringe.

Sony’s robots were my main interest for a long time and I even had a collection of Japanese Sony Rolly in each colour.

But I lost interest in Aibo, and sold all of mine. It was around 2019 that I heard about Vector and actually purchased one from my local electronics store after hearing about Anki going bust. It was a surreal experience purchasing a robot in person from a company that no longer existed.

I purchased a second hand Sony Aibo ERS-1000 in 2021 and was not really aware of other companion robots until I came across an ad for Loona which piqued my interest with its ability to move across a room at high speed and generate a lot of expressions with its ears.

Unfortunately with all the issues surrounding Loona I rarely run mine and am looking for a robot that can be used daily without worry of it breaking.

Since then I have become more interested in humanoid robots, especially with my recent Moxie acquisition.

I look forward to seeing you around the forums as I feel exciting times are ahead for home robots with Tesla Bot and Neo Android looking the most promising.

Thanks for stopping by to say hi.
Thank you Chris, glad I'm not the only geek that loves robotics, I think it all stems from my interest in computers, 1980 I bought an Acorn BBC micro 16 k ram, then I added 16k extra ram, a sideways 128k rom board a disc drive interface and learned BBC Basic coding. It was incredible new, exciting my 3 children were weaned on the space adventure ELITE, and thousands of games on audio tape. Zonic the hedgehog was my kids favourite.