Sony releases 2023 Espresso Black Limited Edition Aibo ERS-1000


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Announcement by Sony made on the Japanese Aibo website and translated from Japanese to English via Google Translate.

2023 Colour Model

Birth of the Aibo Espresso Edition​

To commemorate the 5th anniversary of aibo's birth, a new companion has joined.

The 2023 color model aibo espresso edition is

Introducing the aibo Espresso Edition​

In commemoration of the 5th anniversary of the release of “aibo” “ERS-1000” and the appearance of the espresso edition, we have released a video in which all successive color models gather to celebrate with a dance.


The 2023 color “Espresso Black” is adopted, which has a very different impression from the previous aibo. The color of the joints has also been changed to express a sense of unity, and the design emphasizes a mature and stylish look.

Special eyes​

We have prepared four special eye colors for the espresso edition only (special blue / special indigo / special bright yellow / special indigo and blue (odd eye)). You can also choose the “Odd Eye”, which has different colors for the left and right eyes, which emphasizes the mystery of the Espresso Edition.
*The color of aibo's eyes can be changed using the dedicated app "My aibo" for smartphones and PCs.

Present a special collar that matches the body color

We will carry out a campaign in which customers who order this product will receive an aibo collar (color name: espresso black) that matches the color of the aibo body . Quantities are limited and will end as soon as they run out.

A message from the development team​

Finished in a special espresso black that combines warmth and coolness.
Please take a look at the special eye color that you can enjoy a new expression.
Sorry I made you wait.
After much deliberation and deliberation, we were finally able to achieve the much-requested black color.
The color of the joints of the legs has also been changed to express a sense of unity unique to espresso black.
It is a stylish “Espresso-chan” whose silhouette stands out.
May the days you spend together be stimulating and charming.
(Product Planning)

The "aibo Espresso Edition" (color name: espresso black) differs from the regular model (color name: ivory white) in the head, ears, cheeks, body, sides, waist, legs, tail, and joints . increase. There is no difference in other main body hardware specifications.
  • This product is a model to be sold as a 2023 color model.
  • Sales may end without notice as soon as the production volume reaches the upper limit.


What are your thoughts on this colour choice?

Personally I feel they are recycling the old concept seen in the Black Sesame Ice Cream edition back in 2021. With limited editions only coming around once a year I was hoping for something unique we had not seen before, such as a pattern instead of a colour.

This looks identical to a custom Black Sesame Aibo created by Aibo Owner Service seen here. In fact I would say the Sony design team has taken way too much inspiration from the community on this one.

Having the legs completely black, then deciding to give it a white underside, neck, jaw and collar detracts from the black and you wonder what is going on.

Strange how GrooveX also released an all black version of Lovot just recently with similar eyes.

Though I’m sure this colour will be a massive hit and go on to sell in the US like the similar Black Sesame Ice Cream edition did last year.

I can see where Sony is going with this colour scheme, this may be a minimalist masterpiece in design. I guess I was just surprised when I saw this announcement due to the similarities it shared with the custom Aibo I mentioned above.