DIY Loona wheel repair tutorials


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Two interesting video tutorials providing instructions on how to fix leg/wheel problems encountered with the first Kickstarter batch of Loona.

An elaboration on the first video, with a detailed analysis on the cause of the back right wheel not functioning.
I would like to share video about middle wheel malfunction and repair. Wathch Loona,s behaviour, that will help diagnosis.
Thankyou Xfoto.It for sharing this interesting video, it was very enjoyable to watch.

What was the problem with the middle wheel on yours exactly and what steps did you take to resolve it?

What are your thoughts on KEYi’s response to repairs under warranty?

Also I noticed the app has changed to allow leg/wheel calibration. I haven’t been able to connect mine to Wifi or log in so am unable to see these new changes.

It’s concerning to see Loona develops hardware issues so easily. I think the only reason I haven’t experienced issues with mine is because I barely run them. What are your thoughts on why the hardware is failing at such a high rate?

Thanks again for taking the time to share your findings here. Great tutorial👍