Charging station for Optimus Tesla Bot


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I asked robotics expert Scott Walter about his thoughts on the charging station for Optimus. I learnt a lot and feel Walter gives the most accurate predictions, drawing on his own experience as a pioneer and world leader in robotics design and programming and knowledge about the realities of running a robotics company.

Walter predicts that Optimus will charge standing up, possibly using a stand for support. And that this is explained by the fact Optimus will probably need a maintenance stand for service mode. I asked if charging while seated was an option, but Walter thinks the seat would be an extra part and we know Tesla is big on optimization and reducing unnecessary parts.

Charging is predicted to be done via cable, probably plugged into the torso at the back. I asked if wireless charging was a possibility but this was ruled out by Walter on the grounds it would incur an extra unnecessary part.

If you want to gain technical insights into the ongoing development of Optimus that draw from Walters pioneering experience in various fields relating to robotics then I definitely recommend following his YouTube and Twitter accounts.


Found this animation someone made showing a charging room for Optimus. Looks like charging is done wirelessly with Optimus enclosed behind glass.

I actually think Tesla will need to offer some type of display case or structure where one can safely place Optimus when it’s not in use. Would have to be escape proof in case the robot goes rogue. Also would act to keep the robot free of dust and a safe place for it to retreat to.

I doubt many people will feel safe having a humanoid robot with AGI capabilities roaming around their homes at night...I wouldn’t be able to sleep.

Also I think they should offer some type of seat for Optimus to sit on. If it suddenly had a power failure you wouldn’t want it collapsing onto the ground and damaging itself or its surroundings. But maybe some type of wall mounted stand to place the robot onto will be what they go with so the footprint is smaller.