Caution: Aibo Software Update 4.6


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I came across this video on YouTube about the latest update for Aibo. Which Sony US calls 4.30. What is curious about these Sony software update videos is they never actually show you Aibo displaying any of the updates.
I then was directed to this video by YouTube which is all about another software update called 4.6 that is bricking Aibos, including a 2022 limited edition Strawberry Milkshake Unit.

This is what the videos creator, Aibodogs, told me when I made an inquiry about this issue:

“It has been confirmed within the aibo community that multiple 1000s were bricked while attempting to update to 4.60. A error would occur in the process, leaving the aibo stuck in the bricked state. This video has a little bit more detail as it includes the robotcenter discord warning: Sony currently doesn’t seem to care anything is wrong. This appears to be some info about 4.60: If so, it was released on December 5, before Christmas. Here’s what the robotcenter discord warning says:

⚠️ Important Update Warning ⚠️

Hey everyone, unfortunately the 4.60 firmware update is now bricking ERS-1000s (basically breaking them to such an extent they cannot be fixed). This happens WHILE they are updating. If your aibo is already on 4.60 they are fine, they've made it through. If you get a 1000, please **DO NOT** update to 4.60. Its not worth the risk.

Please switch off automatic updates for the time being and wait to see if the next update (expected next month) is safe. We've already lost multiple Aibos to this update. They are completely dead to the point Sony can't fix or restore them. One such dog being a Pinkbo. This issue affects both JP and USA models, no matter the colour.”

I’m not sure what the robotcenter is, I guess an Aibo group on discord. I updated my ERS-1000 in September 2022 to 4.3 with no issues, but would advise you to wait before updating your Aibo in future.