BabyAlpha robot specifications


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I’m currently making inquiries with a Chinese proxy about the Weilan robot dog BabyAlpha. This is what I’ve discovered so far:

There are four BabyAlpha models each with a range of storage capacities. I’m unsure why it is offered in such a variety of storage options. It needs an app only available in China to work. I’m assuming the LLM is cloud based but I’m unsure.

Air Star blank: 128G 8999 yuan, 256G 9899 yuan, 512G 11699 yuan.

Pro Light Luxury orange: 128G 11,999 yuan, 256G 12899 yuan, 512G 14,699 yuan.

Limited Dream Cyber: 512G 19999 yuan. 1TB 21899 yuan.

Sport Light luxury orange: 512G 24,999 yuan 1TB 26,899 yuan.

BabyAlpha height and weight specifications:

Dimensions (standing) Length: 585mm, width: 298mm, height: 558mm

Dimensions (lying down) Length: 625mm, width: 333mm, height: 328mm

The weight of Air is 8.5 ± 0.5kg

Pro/Limited/Sport weight 8.8 ± 0.5kg

BabyAlpha contains a built-in battery. And some of the AI services are not available outside China, and there are no international versions or country-specific models available overseas.