Baby Alpha by Weilan: What on earth do you think about this new robotic dog?!😲


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Weilan, a Chinese robotics company has just announced their new robot offering, Baby Alpha. I don’t know what to make of this...a cartoonish robotic pet dog complete with a Chinese developed large language model🤔

Five years of concentration and six generations of experience.​

We focus on one product.​

After five years of hard work and six generations of hard work, Weilan has been firmly focused on one product since its establishment. We carve every moment carefully and create every minute with passion, just to make BabyAlpha come alive!

We put all our efforts into bringing you the epoch-making BabyAlpha series. Let you and your family enjoy real artificial intelligence and wonderful family company!

New members of the family in the era of artificial intelligence
BabyAlpha likes to be by your side. It is not only a dreamy technological cute pet, but also has endless technological superpowers. Before BabyAlpha, all technological products were just a device; starting with BabyAlpha, we finally have fantasy characters that generations of people have only seen in science fiction movies.

A know-it-all who can be asked questions, a good partner in English communication,​

and satisfies all the curiosity of children as they grow.​

For the first time, artificial intelligence fully understands human speech, is empathetic, and is completely incapable of answering questions. BabyAlpha currently supports Chinese and English conversations, and will add multi-language support based on user needs in the future.

BabyAlpha has a powerful natural language dialogue and search engine, which can not only satisfy all children's curiosity, knowledge learning and problem solving, but also create a natural multi-language learning environment through pure Chinese and English dialogue.

Family contact assistant,​

a video call tool that can follow the camera​

BabyAlpha's eyes can instantly turn into a video call interface, bringing a new video call experience between parents and children.

Even though you can’t be with you all the time, BabyAlpha can still bring you and your family quality family time like never before.

Not only can you enjoy independent intelligence​

, but you can also play with new control technology.​

The smart BabyAlpha does not require a remote control at all, but we still bring you the unparalleled Touch To Go™ XR control technology, which supports Bluetooth, WiFi and 4G remote control. With a lightweight and portable fingertip remote control and APP, BabyAlpha can be in the palm of your hand With this treasure, you can enjoy a smart life as you wish.

Home Security Guard Indoor Autonomous Driving
Since its inception, Weilan has firmly regarded guide technology as one of our core social welfare missions. We have been committed to the development of this field for many years. Today, we are honored to give our phased achievement - indoor fully autonomous driving FSD 1.0 - to BabyAlpha, presenting you with an amazing
home security guard and indoor autonomous entertainment experience.

Enjoy happiness for the whole family
The BabyAlpha series is not only a cute little pet, but also a family bucket full of happiness.

Powerful artificial intelligence programming experience
To be the first to embrace future technology, you must choose real artificial intelligence robots to learn and explore programming. BabyAlpha supports both graphical programming and high-level language programming, allowing you to experience the light of the future that inspires infinite possibilities.

Exclusive growth partners accompany you to grow happily
Beyond the times, appreciate the future. Let BabyAlpha, the soulful and warm artificial intelligence, accompany your children to grow up happily and take the lead in becoming the native generation of artificial intelligence.

Weilan has spent two years focusing on the research and development of two breakthrough innovative technologies: Always Alive™ fresh life intelligent body + AgentOS™ intelligent body operating system, lighting up the new embodied intelligence technology. Not only can BabyAlpha always live by your side, but it also allows BabyAlpha to have complete intelligent capabilities of personality, hobbies, learning and growth, and emotional memory.


Large Language Model HMI​

We are entering the era of artificial intelligence 2.0. The world's leading GPT multi-modal large language model integrates agents, natural language understanding, intelligent visual cognition, intelligent emotional expression and intelligent bionic behavior to create vital natural interactions. Miracle. Make the dreams in science fiction movies come true and lead you into the wonderful world of real artificial intelligence robots.

Adopting the industry-leading Baidu intelligent voice interaction solution, we present you with the largest market share in excellent speech recognition, precise sound source positioning and comprehensive content health detection technology. Together with the popular Baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu Stories, Baidu Music and other rich content services, it brings you a truly useful artificial intelligence experience.

Not only does BabyAlpha play, rest and replenish energy on its own, it can also move in and out of the AutoBox™. Unlike other technology products in the past, it is no longer a device, but a smart partner in life. It is alive!

Multi-stage Hybrid Model MotionControl​

Since its birth, Weilan has broken the world record for quadruped robots held by MIT in one fell swoop. It has always been at the forefront of the industry and has core motion control technology that surpasses the industry for two generations. Today, we have given the most cutting-edge humanoid robot motion control technology to BabyAlpha, allowing you to experience the beauty of truly silky and stable movement.

Advanced Multisensor DataFusion​

Each BabyAlpha is equipped with wide-angle vision, infrared active vision, millimeter-wave radar, 360° lidar, multi-TOF time-of-flight radar, microphone array, multi-touch sensing, temperature and humidity sensing, six-degree-of-freedom inertial sensor, and joint force control. With advanced sensing capabilities such as sensing, displacement sensing, and 6D spatial state sensing, you can enjoy real materials and real intelligence.


Currently it’s on limited time discount, I guess for pre-orders? It’s currently retailing for RMB 8,999 or about USD$1,2000.
Baby Alpha is also being marketed as a security guard with excellent autonomous navigational and entertainment abilities.

The core is designed by the same manufacturer who makes Apple’s cores and features durable high strength actuators.

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🎥Watch the promotional video on the official Weilan website here:

Baby Alpha follows on from Weilan’s Alpha dog.
Weilan is also working on robotic guide dogs for the blind and humanoid robots.


Core Social Welfare Project
Intelligent Guide Dog​

Since its inception, the Azure team has met a father from Shanghai whose daughter, who is still in elementary school, has just become permanently blind due to a medical accident. We were deeply moved when this father told us about his daughter's life after losing her sight. What makes this father most distressed is not only that his daughter frequently falls and gets injured, but also that she gradually loses confidence and hope in her future life. In that moment, we were moved by the grief this family endured.

Inspired by this, the Weilan team seriously explored the possibility and potential of quadruped robots as guide equipment for the blind. After in-depth research, we were pleasantly surprised to find that quadruped robots are extremely safe, stable and practical, and can be designed to be very cute, friendly and easy to touch. More importantly, guide dogs can bring a sense of loyalty, safety and companionship to the visually impaired that cannot be replaced by other forms!

The father told us: It doesn't matter even if the real smart guide dog function is not yet available, as long as we are willing to work on the smart guide dog project and one day be able to realize it, he can tell his daughter. Because when he saw the guide dog concept display on Weilan’s official website, he told his daughter that there would be such a cute and loyal intelligent guide dog in the future. This adorable guide dog will be by her side, guarding her and acting as her eyes. At that moment, his daughter's hope in life was rekindled.

Since then, the Weilan team has firmly regarded the development of intelligent guide dog technology as its core social welfare mission. Over the years, we have been committed to the research and development of technology in this field. Today, we have initially achieved indoor fully autonomous driving FSD 1.0. Although there is still work to be done before it can be applied to guide scenes, hope is already showing! We solemnly promise: when the Weilan team successfully develops an intelligent guide dog, we will open up all relevant patents, technologies and supply chain resources, and provide the best intelligent guide products at cost prices to all groups who need a bright guide!

We will bring together global innovative resources to provide the best protection, companionship and interactive experience for the visually impaired. Here, we sincerely invite blind guide technology-related fields such as computer vision, autonomous driving, motion control, multi-modal human-computer interaction, as well as agents, deep learning, multi-modal large models, etc. that can help artificial intelligence better understand the environment and Excellent R&D talents in user-related technical fields join the Weilan team. Let us work together to promote beautiful artificial intelligence innovation and bring the light of intelligence to our world as soon as possible!


Universal humanoid robots
and universal productivity technology​

Weilan is committed to promoting the innovation of general productivity technology, aiming to achieve a comprehensive upgrade of human intelligence and physical labor capabilities. General Productivity Technology is at the core of this vision, with the goal of creating advanced technological solutions with human-like intelligence and physical capabilities. In this field, artificial intelligence and robots represent the modern realization of our mental and physical working abilities respectively. ( Grand secret plan )

Quadruped robots serve as key carriers and provide a wide range of application scenarios for general productivity technologies. Quadruped robots can quickly adapt to various environments and quickly enter homes, businesses and different industries, thereby accelerating the technological innovation process brought about by large-scale industrialization. The universal humanoid robot has become the core carrier of this revolutionary technology. Its uniqueness is that it is completely adapted to our daily life and working environment, and like a true "second self", it uses various tools and equipment specially designed and manufactured for humans to easily assist in completing various labor tasks.

The Weilan team originated from the founder's nearly 30-year dream of improving human productivity through universal productivity technology. The founder of Weilan learned programming at the age of 8 and artificial intelligence at the age of 13. At the age of 16, he won the first place in the Nanjing Computer Programming Competition (human-machine conversational agent based on natural language understanding and speech synthesis). At the age of 23, he won the international championship (RoboCup humanoid robot). Double champion in the domestic robot group and the domestic robot group). At the same time, the founder of Weilan is also the only Chinese to win the championship in the humanoid robot category of the World Robot Championship for three consecutive years. The founder of Weilan Team has been engaged in scientific research in NimbRo Group and Computer Vision Group

, the world's top artificial intelligence robot and autonomous driving research teams , and studied in the same school as Sebastian Thrun, the father of autonomous driving. The Weilan team has always been committed to continuously researching and improving the related technical systems of general humanoid robots. In this journey full of challenges and opportunities, we sincerely invite you to join hands to jointly promote innovation and development in this field.
sounds fantastic, a robot dog that contains everything we have ever wanted. If everything actually works without errors and is affordable, I can well imagine that it will be of use to many people in everyday life. Unfortunately, so far no English or focus on Europe... if you are lucky enough to buy this dog, I'm looking forward to the reports, videos... it remains exciting. Keep your fingers crossed😊👍💝