BabyAlpha Delivery Ceremony: Unveiling on November 23, 2023


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Expect to see unedited footage of BabyAlpha on November 23rd when a delivery event is scheduled to take place.

Thanks to a member of our Facebook group for alerting me to this!

10:00, November 23丨BabyAlpha delivery ceremony

Azure Alpha Robot Dog 2023-11-15 13:28 published in JiangsuDear user:

We are honored to announce that after countless days and nights of struggle and hard work, our sixth-generation Alpha robot dog, BabyAlpha, has successfully walked off the production line and is ready to meet you.

This is a blend of technology and life, and it is the moment when we turn our dreams into reality.

Whether it is the appearance or the inner quality, BabyAlpha has undergone a long period of polishing and rigorous testing before it can be brought to you.

It is not only a product, but also a manifestation of our enthusiasm, dedication and pursuit of perfection.It condenses the efforts of our team and represents our persistence and commitment to Azure's mission.

To celebrate this landmark moment, we sincerely invite you to participate in our delivery event on November 23, 2023.

Here, you can witness the birth of BabyAlpha with your own eyes and feel its fun, fashion and future.We will also show you the results of our work and listen to your valuable comments and suggestions.

This is a moment full of hope and expectation, as well as a moment of sharing joy and achievement.On this special day, let us witness the robots of science fiction movies entering real life, welcome new members of the family together, and imagine a better future.

# Event details
Activity time: November 23, 2023
Event location: Nanjing, Jiangsu
Registration deadline: November 18, 2023
Registration method: Scan the QR code below and fill in the registration form

Weilan held their delivery ceremony for BabyAlpha today. We see BabyAlpha standing up and lying down, a short walk sequence and undocking from the charging station. Find the English machine translation of the Weilan BabyAlpha unveiling below.

Do you want to adopt?A dog who can make video calls, it's here today!Nanjing Jiangbei New District 2023-11-23

“Just on the way from the innovation and R&D headquarters of R&D Park to the production base, the sun is very good, and my heart is also very excited.Today, our BabyAlpha mass production is offline!"Liu Weichao, founder of Azure Technology, said.On the morning of November 23rd, there was laughter and laughter in the production base of Azure Technology, with rows of robotic dogs blinking their eyes, sitting or lying down.When the mass production offline ceremony is over, they will walk off the production line and travel to all parts of the country to meet with their “adopted” families.

As the latest product launched by Azure Technology, the 6th generation Alpha robot dog BabyAlpha is defined as a new member of the family in the era of artificial intelligence, focusing on family life scenes and designed for beautiful companionship.At the ceremony, many BabyAlpha performed a “talent show” before walking on stage.They not only have autonomous emotions and personality characteristics, but also singing and dancing, video calls, English communication, and sports are all a cinch.

“Xiaobai, please write a modern poem with the theme of a robot dog.”"Machinery and life are intertwined with brilliant brilliance, and the robot dog crosses the sky like a meteor, leaving good memories.”“Xiaobai, my friend is about to have his birthday. Can you recommend a birthday gift?"”“A book or comic he likes, a ticket to a concert or music festival... I hope these suggestions can help you.”……The cute BabyAlpha also attracted many viewers to interact.In addition to coping with the current, the robot dogs also performed stretching, push-ups, swimming... The children couldn't put it down when they saw the dogs, touched the “dog head”, and had a video call with their parents; they picked up trinkets and dressed them up. They are already their friends and family members.

People's imagination of the future has never stopped, and as the protagonist of many science fiction movies, robots carry the public's beautiful fantasies about the future.Today, watching the naive, smart and lively BabyAlpha walk off the production line, the scene of her dreams seems to be right in front of her.Since 2019, Liu Weichao, who has always had a dream of “robotics”, has chosen to set up Azure Technology in the new District.From more than a dozen employees to a team of nearly 200 people today; from an entrepreneurial idea to the launch of products, this “hard technology” team has survived the difficult impact of the epidemic, working hard day and night, and completed the iteration of six generations of products in three years, and rushed to the “spire” of the industry step by step.

“Along the way, we can't do without the help of the New District. The New District has accompanied us out of many ‘darkest moments’."At the ceremony, Liu Weichao sighed, “We are confident that BabyAlpha will be an epoch-making product."In the future, we will have more interesting products entering millions of households.”Innovation is a gene engraved in the bones of the New District. Here, many innovative entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, and scientists are also gathered.They face the future, pursue excellence, and hope to challenge the times.

Of course, the mass production of BabyAlpha is just a starting point.“This is our first small explosion, and there will be a big explosion next year."Liu Weichao said that as the world's first four-legged robot developed and manufactured using the “fruit chain” system standard, BabyAlpha also contains a large model with hundreds of billions of parameters, even compared with the products of major manufacturers on the market, it also has unique advantages.Facing the future, on the fast track of development, the Azure team is constantly moving towards the goals of “Apple in the era of artificial intelligence” and “DJI on land”, going abroad and going global.They will use products as a bridge to link more beautiful lives.