Aibi pocket pet pre-orders open


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Living AI just announced Aibi pre-orders are open!

What you need to know:

• From Living AI “The first batch only has thousands of units, first come, first served.”

• Aibi has facial recognition technology. Aibi can take photos on command. Aibi can also track the user in real time and rotate to face the user in any direction.

• Aibi can perceive human presence from a distance by using the millimetre radar located on the lower front of Aibi’s torso.

• Aibi can tell the weather with vivid animations on its face.

•Aibi can react to voice commands offline. I’m assuming these are pre-programmed voice commands. While Aibi can also utilise ChatGPT when connected to Wi-Fi.

•Aibi can function as an alarm clock and if you take medications you can select to have Aibi remind you to take your medications by displaying a pill on it’s face.

• Aibi seems to have a touch sensor on its head which you can “caress when Aibi feels sad”.

• Aibi has a three microphone array in the top of its head, allowing it to accurately determine the direction of sound or voice commands.

•Aibi has two optical communication sensors on its back. These allow two Aibi to exchange information when facing back to back. A pair of Aibi can “exchange friends and share the owners contact information”.

I really like the medication reminder function as this would be great for a family member. But I’m a bit worried by the lack of a promo video showing all these features in action.

So far we have only seen one video of Aibi singing- which was impressive as the voice didn’t sound robotic at all and enabling a robot to sing and display those tonal ranges is incredible.

But if I’m honest I’m a bit concerned by the statement: “ We are working hard to prepare for mass production, which will take some time. We estimate a delivery time of 3 months.”

This seems to suggest Aibi is still in the process of being created and having its hardware validated and the design finalised. So essentially early adopters would be beta testers.

However the perks make the US$249 price tag tempting. “ For pre-order users, we will give away mysterious accessories that have not yet been released and provide a two-year warranty service.”

Aibi pre-order purchase link: