AI & Neural decoding: Will Neuralink give Tesla Bot an advantage?


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With recent news of the first neuralink implant successfully taking place I can’t help but wonder what- if anything- this means for Tesla Bot?

It got me thinking about the recent NVIDIA announcement that saw NVIDIA rebrand as a generative AI company facilitating AI software and hardware solutions to numerous Optimus competitors around the world.

And I realised one thing Musk has that they don’t is Neuralink.

Then I came across this quote from the NVIDIA CEO Huang’s presentation:

“Anything you can digitise, so long as there is structure, we can probably learn some patterns from it. And if we can learn the patterns from it- we can understand it’s meaning. And if we can understand it’s meaning, we might be able to generate it as well.”

Quote can be found at 5:20 in the following video:

So in other words can Neuralink now digitise brain wave patterns and in turn generate them? And what implications, if anything, will this have for generative AI in Optimus?

A team at The University of Technology Sydney who have had a breakthrough with neural decoding state neural decoding could lead to new applications in AI:

“It is the first to incorporate discrete encoding techniques in the brain-to-text translation process, introducing an innovative approach to neural decoding. The integration with large language models is also opening new frontiers in neuroscience and AI,” he said.”