Preorders for Neo to open “within a short time period.”


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Image: Neo robot by 1X. Screenshot by author.

Neo android possibly open for preorders this year?

Despite 1X claiming last year on their website preorders for their Neo android would start by “end of 2023” it seems they will begin “within a short time period” according to 1X CEO Børnich in a recent article; detailing how 1X secured $100 million in a series B round of funding this year after securing $23.5 million in a series A round last year.

Domestic humanoid backed by OpenAI closer to market after $100M raise​

The latest cash injection comes from a Series B round. Among the investors is EQT Ventures, a VC firm that’s previously backed startups including Varjo and Ein-ride.

“The prospect of androids assimilating into the workforce seems like a distant reality from the sci-fi world,” said Ted Persson, a partner at the firm.

“But as we spoke to more and more people, a picture of this actually happening in the next five to seven years emerged. 1X is sprinting towards a reality where robots don’t just exist in movies or assembly lines but walk among us, enhancing our workplaces and lives.”

With an extra $100mn in the wallet, that reality is coming closer. Børnich wouldn’t reveal a target launch date, but he expects preorders for Neo to open “within a short time period.”

That could put it in a footrace race with another bipedal: Tesla’s Optimus robot. Elon Musk hopes to launch the robot by 2027.

Musk’s timelines are notoriously unreliable, but one thing’s certain: the market for humanoids is heating up.


1X are also currently building an in-house Neo production facility and have jobs advertised for a Robot Assembly Technician but the “preorders by end of 2023” previously seen on their site has disappeared. But 1X now give you the option to sign up for email alerts on the latest news and updates about Neo.