1X release Eve demo; Neo remains elusive


Staff member
I wonder why 1X haven’t released any footage of Neo in action? They are still showing demonstrations of Eve more than 12 months after Neo was announced.

The demonstration shows three Eve robots cleaning up a dining room autonomously after being asked to do so.

One Eve is shown picking up a shirt from the floor and taking it to a wall hanger. Although Eve gets the shirt to the hanger, it appears attempts at hanging it were unsuccessful. Another Eve is seen wiping a table.

We then see an Eve pick up two bottles it locates on a bench and move them into another room while other Eve robots push chairs under tables.

A lady then asks an Eve to pick up a cup she has just placed in front of it, a task it successfully completes.

The demo is incredibly impressive, even in this current state of development these robots would be quite useful for many people.