Optimus concept design from 2021


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The Optimus concept design from 2021 has fascinated me ever since I first saw it after discovering Optimus in late 2023.

You see it for the first time during the Optimus presentation from Tesla’s AI Day 2021 which begins at two hours and five minutes into the video below.

We see from another angle the Optimus concept design animated on a screen displaying very fast biological inspired movement.

One thing that struck me about the concept mock up is how thin the limbs are. There also seems to be no hard surfaces, instead the robot seems covered in some yet unknown material that looks like it moves freely and appears soft.

The first thing I noticed about the design was that it doesn’t make the robot come across as a toy.

The only image of the mock up for this concept design from 2021 that I could find and share embedded was this one from X below.