Letianpai announce Rux robot with crowdfunding offer


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A new robot by the name of Rux will be entering crowdfunding soon and the company behind it Letianpai are offering special perks to those who sign up now.

You can sign up for Rux early here: https://rux.letianpai.com/?fbclid=I...CXn88ULpmll9FyCn2p0o-AlAiiXcl75GH13YJiY04ixME

They also seem to have a Chinese site for the robot with a price mentioned🤔😕🤨 and what appears to be a wireless charging station🙂

Rux looks like a cross between Emo and Loona with the movable ears.

Rux seems incredibly adorable and the perfect little companion robot. It’s extremely expressive with the level of complexity in movement displayed by the legs and ears.

I’m really looking forward to following this exciting launch!

Just signed up to see what the special offer is and got directed to take a survey which I didn’t fill out. Some of the questions are really interesting though.