Figure to secure funding from Microsoft & OpenAI


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Microsoft and OpenAI are in talks to invest up to $500 million in Figure AI, the humanoid robotics startup manufacturing the Figure robot.

The investment could value Figure AI at $1.9 billion, making it the first humanoid robotics unicorn.

Although considering Microsoft and OpenAI have previously invested in the humanoid robot startup 1X Technologies and failed to offer any significant updates on the Neo androids progress, I’m not convinced this announcement is going to lead to substantial innovation in humanoid robotics by Microsoft in the short term.

Figure AI previously signed a partnership with BMW earlier this month to trial its humanoid robots in a South Carolina factory.

If this deal goes ahead it will create a situation where Microsoft and OpenAI have influence over two humanoid robot platforms that are the only current competitors to Tesla’s Optimus.


YouTube video discussion of this recent development.