Embodied Inc: A unique company like no other?


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The more I read about Embodied Inc the more I am drawing the conclusion they are a very unique company unlike all the other robotics companies out there- and their cutting edge product that leaves all the others outdated already proves this.

You can get an insight into the company by reading the Linked In of one of their employees here: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/mica...e-and-money-activity-7061889612134166529-Hgc8

They also actually replied in a kind and helpful manner when I asked them some questions which I never would have expected.

I just signed up for their mailing list. Can’t wait to see what exciting future product updates are in stall for this company. As you can tell I’ve got Moxie on my mind.

They even have an article on their website about the Moxie production line. It’s an endless source of fascination for me seeing a robot assembled like this.

Image: New York Times

A great article on Embodied:
Another thing I’ve realised is how Embodied don’t project things onto their product that aren’t there, unlike almost all other robotics companies around today.

For instance they say Moxie can emulate emotions but don’t make any claims about Moxie having emotions.