Companion Robots: Data-mining to create AGI & Erosion of Privacy


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I just stumbled across this rather concerning video in my research about Moxie. It seems this YouTuber believes big corporations are using their companion robots to data-mine the users information such as face profiling for things such as emotional understanding and using that data to train neural networks that ultimately end up helping to create AGI.

What surprised me was one of the companies behind Moxie funding was Sony.

What are your thoughts on this? Should I be worried about my privacy when interacting with my cloud connected robots like Aibo, Loona and soon to arrive Moxie? I hadn’t given this topic much thought until now.

For me these were just cute robots haha, a bit unsettling to think they might be spying on us. The video also raises some legitimate questions about using robots to help people with developmental difficulties, where the presenter believes instead of helping, robots might exacerbate existing tendencies.

Either way all these things are mentioned in the privacy policy, I guess it is up to the user at the end of the day to read it and consider the implications🤷‍♂️