😮Tesla’s lead FSD engineer and Optimus team member resigns to start rival robotics company!


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•Ex-Tesla engineer Paril Jain who was lead of FSD and Tesla AI planning leaves Tesla to build a company manufacturing chore-performing robots with former Cruise employees. Looking like Jain was also on the Optimus team as his X profile shows him wearing an Optimus heart hands t-shirt.

•The rival company, "The Bot Company", has raised $150 million in funding.

•Jain plans to use his experience in building self-driving cars to create a similar technology for domestic robots.

This couldn’t have happened at a worse time for Tesla and Optimus when there is already so much competition in the humanoid robotics space. And with Tesla about to be displaced by Chinese EV manufacturers, Optimus is a key part of Tesla’s strategy going forward.

Jain mentions “Our team has spent years building intelligent robots (including the self-driving kind) that give people some of that time back, and we're taking that a step further with this company.” Suggesting he has worked on more than just Tesla vehicles and was on the Optimus team.

I wonder what Musk is thinking right now? Jain announced he has raised $150 million in funding but doesn’t mention Musk as a funding contributor.

Either way it’s a major blow to Tesla as Jain knows everything about how Tesla’s AI works considering he helped create the bulk of it. And if Jain was on the AI planning team he may have also worked on design specifications for the Optimus hardware in relation to AI and may have had complete access to Optimus design from early prototypes to perhaps the new generation to be released later this year.

Wonder why Jain felt he had to leave Tesla to pursue chore performing robots? Doesn’t Optimus perform chores? Perhaps Jain’s robots won’t have a humanoid form factor.

Jain must feel incredibly confident in his ideas to think he can compete against Musk and Optimus.