Miroka & Miroki robots by Enchanted Tools


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The Miroka and Miroki robots by Enchanted Tools use a projected face similar to Moxie to create incredible expressive robots that seem like more than mere machines. The bright colours also distinguish them from most other robots that are usually white.

These are designed as service robots for use in hospitals to do tasks where they need to be quiet hence the rotating ball instead of feet.

Unfortunately I feel Enchanted Tools have overlooked a huge opportunity to market these robots for home use in the companion robot space.

A photo of Miroki meeting Lovot.

Some footage of these robots I found online.

One of the software engineers from Enchanted Tools shared footage of Miroka up close on the Lots of Bots Facebook group talking and showing the details of the expressions including complete changes in the face colours synchronised with sound for added expressiveness!

These projected faces on robots I feel are what the majority of future robotic animators will use as they create a sense of life without being uncanny.

They seem to have a projected face like Moxie but instead of Moxie’s curved faceplate have a distinguishable facial form for the brow, eye sockets and nose.

The colours even change on different parts of the face, similar to Moxie.