Keyi giving away limited edition Loona Christmas outfit

More details about this competition:

“For all who didn't receive the Email December 12. Here again....

For those who owns or planning to get the Loona’s Christmas set, it's time to share the cheer!
We're thrilled to announce the giveaway of 30 exclusive limited editions of Loona's outfit, just in time for a fresh look for your beloved Loona! Designed and manufactured exclusively for this event, this outfit won't be available for purchase anywhere. Only 30 lucky Loona owners will get the chance to own this unique piece.
How to get yours?
Post Loona showcasing the winter outfit on your favorite social platform, follow Loona's official account, and we will send you a free limited edition skin! Simply rack up 66+ engagements (including likes, shares and comments) and share the link with
If you don’t have a Loona yet, now it is your best time! Shop now and you can still participate before December 31st, 2023.
Good luck!

KEYi Tech Team”